Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Familiar with business accounting

I am a cheerful and generous girl, studying in school, through their own efforts through the CET, but also by the Vouching examination and obtained qualification certificates. Cantonese and Japanese can be a simple exchange.Strong cost control, analysis, accounting, organization, inventory capacity;
Familiar with business accounting, financial analysis methods, financial management knowledge, skills, and financial accounting and related state laws and regulations;
Be responsible for the overall accounts, financial analysis,
7 years of foreign work experience,Choose A Wedding Florist 6 years of work experience and the cost of one year experience in general ledger.
Proficiency in common office software and financial software (SAP R / 3, AS400); English proficiency, with some listening, speaking, reading and writing ability
Has a strong learning ability, communication skills and analytical, problem-solving abilities.Senior apparel buyers, more than five years experience in ortune 500 companies
Career goals:
Work clothing business plan to give full play to their 9-year experience in large companies under the accumulated wealth of professional knowledge and skills, including: apparel development, customer communication, Some Ideas To Personalize Your Wedding supplier communication, mass production, quality control, five years large foreign office work experience.* More than nine years of financial accounting, cost control, financial analysis, budget management experiencePerfect Wedding Dresses
* Proficient in financial accounting, cost analysis, budget management, cost control, financial management processes; with a strong awareness and risk prevention ability Save on Your Wedding-Part
* UF ﹑ skilled use of Oracle and other financial related software and office ﹑ ﹑ Word Excel Powerpoint and other PC software ﹑
* Has a good work ethic, rigorous style of work, high professionalism and responsibility
* Summary and Analysis ﹑ strong communication and coordination and leadership ability, strong sense of team; adaptability and strong logical
* Actively participate in ACCA exams

caring and good at teaching parallel

5 years of foreign work experience, good customer service awareness, there is a wealth of first-aid system is established, large companies health activities management experience, good training skills and experience.Optimistic, enthusiastic I am, with a strong sense of responsibility and belief in the pursuit of excellence, uphold the "You are free to choose, but your choice must be responsible," "to challenge themselves, the pursuit of excellence" credo. At the same time there is a strong environmental adaptability, so that changes become part of a plan to deal with unexpected demand of pre-conditions and techniques.
Good teamwork and organizational management skills, the tree, Ningxia, Huainan and other hot electrical coal tar circulating fluidized bed experiments and participate in multi-generation clean energy technology Changsha each record Ltd. and Energy Science and Engineering, Central South University School of cooperation Own Personalized Wedding Card the fluidized bed boiler power plant in Henan Yongmei energy- saving projects are based on the team to be successful.Serious and responsible attitude towards work, good communication and coordination with strong organizational skills and teamwork; lively, cheerful, optimistic, motivated, caring and good at teaching parallel; self-motivated, eager to learn to continuously improve their ability and overall quality. Has a strong theoretical foundation and a solid experimental skills, relevant internship experience rich. In future work, Wedding Planning cleverjoe I will be full of energy, the spirit of hard study to try to work steadily to improve their ability to work simultaneously with enterprise development.has four years of semiconductor process and laboratory Best Wedding Venue research experience, familiar with Fab manufacturing process, in particular, PVD, CVD and thin wafer backside metallization process, familiar with the process and
characterization of the machine.Choosing Flowers By Season
★ process development and improvement experience, cross-sectoral cooperation and exchanges.
★ good team spirit, practical, responsible, serious and responsible work.

Learning Experience

Learning Experience: In July 2007, graduated from the Jilin Agricultural University, Animal Science. Made in school-related veterinary professional qualifications, with some English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability; skilled use of network access to relevant information in English and can be translated in time. Proficiency in computer operating systems, office tools. I am outgoing, cheerful, sociable,wedding cakes lily sincere in the cooperation and diligent and pragmatic, down to earth, strict laws have been lenient towards others, and consciously submit to discipline the company, loyal to the company. I firmly believe that: a bird soar with the happy couple transport, people with Tadakata high quality.accounting graduate, familiar with financial operations, through the College English 6, English fluency, the commercial banks' credit risk control and asset management have deep understanding of internal control processes
while the sox and the United States have a deep understanding of standards, owith the CIA (internal registered auditrs) qualification, while familiar with
the cost analysis of industrial enterprises, with a strong ability to work independently, good interpersonal skills, familiar with office software operations, familiar with SAP and Oracle systems.Results-oriented, independent work, strict discipline, time compression, effective communication, proactive. "
This is my own requirements and commitment to you.
I hope I can give your organization the opportunity to display their talents, with enthusiasm and knowledge with colleagues in your organization to join hands to create a more brilliant tomorrow!Professional knowledge and years of work experience, so I accumulated a wealth of experience with market analysis and project design, implementation capacity. Work serious, responsible, like to accept new challenges.I love life, do not like idle. I love learning, love and work colleagues, do not want to rush through life, just copies of a stable life, I have nothing different, I just want to do it myself.10 years of financial experience, served as accounting, auditing, general ledger accounting, Wedding Dresses With Modern Twists financial manager, has worked for A, B-share listed companies, Sino-US joint ventures, wholly foreign-owned enterprises.1, and his caution, honesty, perseverance;
2, practical work hard, hard, strong execution; pretty Wedding Bouquet
3, strong sense of team, the overall situation, there is a certain plan of organization and coordination capacity;4, full of love for the financial, wedding dress details andy university graduation in this industry, there is a wealth of experience;

Monday, July 12, 2010

so long as your company can give me a chance

I learned the importance of teamwork from my first job in Inventec. I am always keeping a positive view of my life and thingsnike trainer I have experienced.
I have a bright and cheerful disposition,cheap authentic nfl jerseys I am full of energy, modest , candid , and full of enthusiasm to life.grasp certain organization management skill . I believe firmly ,nike shoes so long as your company can give me a chance , I am sure to go all out, contribute my intelligence and wisdom for the company! I believe that I have strong knowledge on basic Networking technical including the network design, the deployment and the troubleshootingnike shox. I also try to learn the IT technology as much as possiblejerseys monster, so that I can try the new
technology as soon as possible and see if I or my customers can benefit from it. sports
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or international trading manager

3yrs work as accountant and 9 yrs experience on international trade including 2 yrs importing/wholesale at US and nike tn7 yrs buying experiences at Wal-Mart GP and UK importing company as GM and buying manager at Shanghai.ed hardy clothes Strong sourcing and purchasing capacity in general merchandise and sporting goods. Oversea education and working experiences support me to work in oversea companies and work with with English nfl jerseys Positiveed hardy shirts pesonality makes me easy to work with local manufacture and supplier.
Career Objective:
Sourcing/purchasing manager, or international trading manager
I have a basis English express skill . During the educated period,I attended many college activities and social partynfl football jerseys,which make me be a sanguine and extrovet person.I had a work period experience in a fiber company for practical aim.
I like it
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Forget change, voters want safety

Last week's British election was important as much for what didn't happen as for what did. The opposition Conservative Party won the most votes, but it didn't win a clear majority of seats in Parliament. The third-party Liberal Democrats, who hoped to surge into second place ahead of the deflated Labor government, fell short. As British television pundits noted, it was a reverse trifecta: All three parties lost.
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All politics is local, of course, but Britain's grouchy electorate sent a message that has echoes in the rest of Europe and even the United States: Voters aren't looking for massive change right now; they're looking for leaders who can find a safe way out of a deep economic crisis that never seems to end.
Thirty years ago, when Ronald Reagan won an election in the United States on the heels of Margaret Thatcher's victory in Britain, it was possible to talk about a wave of conservative politics sweeping the Western world — especially since Reagan and Thatcher shared a common passion for downsizing the liberal welfare state. Thirteen years ago, when Tony Blair's modernized Labor Party won its first majority in Britain, Blair and Bill Clinton talked grandly about their "Third Way," a loosely shared approach to governing from the center.
But this year, politics in the United States and Europe seem distinctly out of sync.
When Barack Obama won the presidency amid popular enthusiasm on both sides of the Atlantic, European social democrats hoped that the Democrats' success meant their time had come too. That didn't happen; Europe has seen no swing to the left. Indeed, if Britain's Tories form the next government in London, Western Europe's four biggest countries — Britain, Germany, France and Italy — will all have conservative leaders for the first time in decades. At the next U.S.-European summit, Obama will be the odd man out.flower
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Faith Salie: Happy Birthday to the Pill

It's Mother's Day, and I won't be receiving any cards or flowers or sweet, sloppy kisses, thanks - in large part - to the pill.The pill was born 50 years ago today. Is it a paradox to wish Happy Birthday to the birth control pill?
was on the pill for almost 15 years. Now, I'm a bit of an anomaly, because I was put on the pill not so much for birth control as to replace the estrogen I'd lost due to a touch of anorexia.
As I got older and had a lot more calories and a little more sex, preventing pregnancy was as easy as swallowing that tiny tablet.
We've come a long way not to have a baby. In 1912, a feminist nurse named Margaret Sanger, who blamed her own mother's death on 18 pregnancies, called for a "magic pill" that would allow a woman to (in Sanger's words) "choose consciously whether she will or will not be a mother."
On May 9th, 1960, that "magic pill" became a radical reality.
I can intellectually grasp how revolutionary the pill was for that generation of women in the same way I can imagine the groundbreaking-ness of abolition or women's suffrage or waterproof mascara.
But by the time I got to college in the '90s, virtually every young woman I knew was on the pill. It was like a rite of passage, along with Doc Martens and Take Back the Night rallies.
It was a daily ritual of responsible womanhood: The neat circle of tiny pink pills for days 1 through 21; the green sugar pills through day 28. Complete the circle; control your cycle. Control your cycle; control your life.What could be more empowering? Plus it made your boobs bigger. Win-win.
It wasn't always so simple. Some young women had to defy parents, partners, even Popes to get it. It wasn't until 1965 that the Supreme Court officially overturned bans on contraception use by married couples!
I think Margaret Sanger would be pleased that, for the 100 million women who take the pill today, it's just "the pill." But for countless women 50 years ago, it was a miracle pill.
Many of them were our moms, and they raised us to know that being a mother was not an expectation or an obligation but a choice.It was the pill that truly made us pro-choice, not Roe v Wade.
It may have produced fewer children, but it produced better mothers: fulfilled women who deliberately created families.
I'm no longer on the pill, and now I plan to be a mature, grateful mother.
And that's why there's no better day than Mother's Day to celebrate it . . . as a better pill to swallow. poem
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